Generated Passwords

Usually, when you sign up on a website and have a generated password emailed to you, it’s a very hard-to-guess sequence of random strings strung together. It’s gibberish, but it’s relatively secure.

I signed up with GOOD the other day and learned that you can add personality to every aspect of your site, even the generated passwords.

Upon receiving the initial email, I had to do a double take on:

“Your password: CuddlyFrog839”

Heh. Really? Cuddly Frog?

So I signed up again, this time getting:

“Your password: HugeGiraffe830”

Heh. Huge Giraffe.

Afterward, I continued to the site with a smile on my face.

While not as secure as randomly generated gibberish, the passwords still weren’t easy to guess. But in return for that trade-off, they got a new user browsing their site in good cheer and associating that feeling with them. I’m sure they can live with that.

2 thoughts on “Generated Passwords

  1. You’re a huge giraffe, haha. I actually still have a few of your old copies of GOOD. And I still flip through them occasionally.

  2. It's a great zine! The website is pretty cool and has a lot of personality in it. It may very well be one my favs now. <br><br>From a journalist perspective, what do you think of 'em?

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